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» David’s Princess

You must have already seen this picture, right?


David and his family created a social action called “Ação Social David Luiz”. They help people in need. Not just money and material stuff, but bringing joy to the poorer.

 A lot of letters were sent to the social action, and they chose Dayane’s one. She is the girl in the picture (she’s 9 years old - maybe 10 now). In the letter she didn’t ask anything for herself. All she wanted was to have a day out. Her mother has to take care of her grandma (who has health problems), so she can’t keep a job nor take Dayane out. Sometimes when her mom goes out to sell candies and stuff like that, Dayane takes care of her grandma.

 So, David’s social action arrived at Dayne’s house and took her to buy a feel things, they gave presents, a new bedroom, etc. In Brazil, when a girl/woman goes to a beauty saloon, buy clothes, etc, we (specially on tv programs) call this “a princess day”.

Dayane was really surprised and happy that she was “David’s Princess”. When they asked why she wrote the letter, she said wiping the tears “Because I like him so much”. Dayane’s mother was so emotional and happy, she couldn’t stop crying.

Later Dayane met David. He gave her a book (at least it seems to be a book) and he wrote “Kisses from your prince David Luiz”. Her mother was also there, then Dayane had a party with her friends, etc.

I bet Dayane will never forget this day.



You can see the videos here and here.

And also the pictures at Ação Social David Luiz’s Facebook page here and here.

Just thought it would be nice to share this story with you =)