I just read David Luiz won’t play on Tuesday :(

Injury near the pantella. I don’t know exactly the medical terms. But I already started taking care of it, and I will stay here with the team. I love being here, everybody knows that. I won’t be able to play. I wish I could, but I can’t." - said David.

Source: ESPN

» Brazil NT next matches


For those who are wondering when Brazil is gonna play again:

Tuesday, September 9th at MetLife Stadium, New Jersey: friendly match against Ecuador at 9pm (10pm in Brazil).

Before that:

Today (September 6th) the team will have a freetime during the day, then they will met again at night.

On Sunday (September 7th) there will be a press conference at Mandarin Hotel (Miami) with two players. At 3:30pm they will be training at FIU Soccer Stadium. At night they will take a flight to New Jersey. They’ll stay at Hoboken Hotel.

On Monday (September 8th) the Brazil NT will be training at Red Bull Arena at 4 pm. Then, Dunga will be at a press conference.

On Tuesday (September 9th) at 9pm (10pm in Brazil): Brazil X Ecuador at MetLife Stadium. Friendly match.

Source: CBF Website

About David Luiz’s injury last night: I didn’t hear any official news yet, but I believe he will be ok to play next Tuesday. During he match, he felt pain in his knee, that was soon bandaged, and he left the match. But he was able to walk later, even tough his knee was not 100% good. Let’s hope for good news.


October 11th, at Beijing National Stadium, Beijing:

Brazil X Argentina. Friendly match.

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